San Francisco

TL;DR | We skipped all the touristy stuff in favor of friends and favorites. Not much to report, but we did drink a lot of Blue Bottle coffee and eat many an Ike’s Place sandwich.

When our housing fell through last minute, Emily’s friends Coco and Jose stepped up and graciously hosted us for the night (thanks guys!). We ended up grabbing a drink at Coco's office’s rooftop bar, enjoying casual Mexican food at Cha Cha Cha’s, and cooking up dinner at their house including using their stove to prepare red beans ‘n’ rice in advance of our upcoming camping stretch. Jose recommended the best burrito in the Mission, and we made a point to get the shrimp super burrito there – trust us who trusted Jose and go to La Corneta.

We felt lucky we could see so many wonderful people on short notice and with little time in town, and managed to see Ben and Heather at Tempest (go trivia team!), Lumay at Sushirrito (it’s like a massive piece of sushi!), Travis and David at Rogue (we closed down the bar…at 10:30?), and Khuyen at Sweet Inspiration (quite the philosophical discussion).

Stephen got a badly needed haircut.

That’s about it, though we continually heard that Oakland is now a nice place to live. We’ll have to check it out next time out West!